Oferta Especial Comuniones! Special Offer Communions!

ESP - Durante lo que queda de mes, y hasta el 10 de mayo, los packs de comuniones a un precio especial de 40€
Contienen: Cartel Bienvenida, Guirnalda "Comunión de + nombre", Invitación personalizada, Tarjetitas agradecimiento, Place Cards, Toppers variados, Conos, Etiquetas Botellas. Disponible en varios colores. Lo podéis encargar a través de la tienda aquí.

ENG - From now and until 10th May, Communion Packs are discounted to 40€ 
Contains: Banner " Name's Communion", EMPTY Place cards, Customizable Invitation, labels for water bottles, Cone template, Sign "Welcome to Name's 1st Holy Communion", 2" toppers designs. Available in different colours. You can purchase here.

más fotos de esta fiesta aqui / more photos from this party here


5 comentarios:

Bereida dijo...

hola guapa..la verdad que hacia tiempo que no me conectaba al blog..pero he visto tus ultimas entradas y todo genial de verdad..
un besote guapa..

Unknown dijo...

que bonitoooo! lo de las comuniones es tan dulce!!! que tal vas con el embarazo??
siento estar tan desconectada pero es que me es imposible llegar a todo!!! un besote guapisiima

Bethany dijo...

The part about three kids splitting their pants open made me laugh. Does that make me a terrible person? Please say no.

Bethany dijo...

So let’s discuss what happened with my last comment. Um. I opened the comment box on your page to leave a comment, and then my internet stopped working for several hours, so I never left a comment. Then later, I was reading someone else’s blog (three kids split their pants at a birthday party while going down a slide, in case you were wondering), and I decided to leave a comment there. I typed my comment, and only after I submitted it did I notice that the comments before mine were in Spanish, which struck me as odd, since the blog was in English. And then I figured out what happened…
So I immediately typed a comment of explanation, and… my internet stopped working again.
Also, this is Tova. Now that you know that, does it surprise you that I managed to leave a ridiculous (and kind of embarrassing) comment on the wrong blog?? I’m guessing not.

bebybo dijo...

Me encantan los de la niña rezando

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